White Paper: “Turbulengagement” in professional sport

An examination of social media operations and behaviors in the absence of the core sport product by Michael L. Naraine, Brock University Abstract While sport management professionals have embraced social media as a vehicle to stimulate engagement amongst fans, it is unknown what that engagement consists of when there is turbulence in the sport industryContinue reading “White Paper: “Turbulengagement” in professional sport”

White Paper: When They Return to Play, Will We Return to the Stands?

An Examination of Consumer Intentions to Attend Sport and Entertainment Events and Engage in Related-Travel Activities Stephen Shapiro and Todd Koesters, University of South Carolina The COVID-19 pandemic led to widespread postponement and cancellation of sporting events and other forms of entertainment.  As a result, travel and transportation related to these events have also beenContinue reading “White Paper: When They Return to Play, Will We Return to the Stands?”