Current & Archived Issues

Volume 8 – 2021

Issue 2 – December 2021

White Papers

“Turbulengagement” in professional sport: An examination of social media operations and behaviors in the absence of the core sport product by Michael L. Naraine, Brock University

Issue 1 – January 2021

White Papers

Sport’s future leaders: Workforce development in small sport organizations by Thomas Aicher, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and Brianna L. Newland, New York University

Reinventing the sport sales process with natural language processing by Liz Wanless, Ohio University and Michael Naraine, Brock University

Volume 7 – 2020

Issue 3 – Fall 2020

Industry Connection

Collaboration Between Academia, Athletics, and Architecture for a Post-COVID Future of Sport by Kiernan Gordon, University of New England and Scott Schiamberg, Perkins Eastman

Volume 6 – 2020

Issue 2 – Summer 2020

White Papers

Soft Power Eroded: How Covid-19 Has Undermined Gulf Airlines’ Sports Sponsorships by Nick Burton, Brock University; Simon Chadwick, Emlyon Business School; & Paul Widdop, Manchester Metropolitan University.

COVID-19 and Sport: What are We Really Missing? by Stacy Warner, East Carolina University & Tiesha R. Martin, Radford University

When They Return to Play, Will We Return to the Stands? An Examination of Consumer Intentions to Attend Sport and Entertainment Events and Engage in Related-Travel Activities by Shephen Shapiro & Todd Koesters, University of South Carolina

The Industry Connection

An Insider’s Guide to Working in Sport by Delancy Bennett, Clemson University

Volume 5 – 2020

Issue 1 – Winter 2020

Review Papers

Incentives and Unintended Consequences: Lessons from Sport by Robert Butler and David Butler, University of College Cork

What Happens after a Coaching Change? by James E. Johnson, Ball State University

The Case for LGBT Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Business by George Cunningham & Umer Hussain, Texas A&M University

Volume 4 – 2018

Volume 3 – 2017

Volume 2 – 2016

Volume 1 – 2015

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